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Free WeddingBooth Upgrade


Book the Diamond package and we will set up a fantastic and fun Ipad WeddingBooth app, including Ipad and Ipad Stand, for free!

The WeddingBooth app is a fantastic addition to your wedding, and is a great way to have your friends and family interact on your special day.

WeddingBooth1We set the ipad in a lovely ipad stand, and customise the screen to show your wedding details. The stand can be set up by the wedding reception entrance for guests to digital sign in leave a special message and a few photos. This makes for a very personal and fun interactive guest book.

You can find out more about the application by clicking here

Special conditions do apply and the WeddingBooth upgrade is available on a first in, first served basis.

Te Manu Lodge

Another fantastic Wedding venue close to Rotorua city, along Paradise Valley Road.
A beautiful backdrop overlooking Lake Rotorua, the venue is just amazing and worth considering.

Make sure you have AbsoluteDJs work your next Wedding!


VR Lodge Wedding Venue

Amazing venue VR Lodge Rotorua on the shores of Lake Rotoiti

Amazing venue VR Lodge Rotorua on the shores of Lake Rotoiti


Another fantastic Wedding earlier in the year at the VR Lodge in Rotorua. AbsoluteDJs were very happy to be part of a “multicultural” wedding by Lake Rotoiti.

The bride and groom were both American with Kiwi family connections and decided New Zealand would be a fantastic place to get married.

The VR Lodge proved to be a great venue again, with amazing views over the lake, a fantastic backdrop of New Zealand scenery and a luxury venue with great hosts.

A smallish dance floor however, and a lack of space for sound and lighting equipment proved no problem for AbsoluteDJs as we have worked the venue many times before and use a minimal set up.

The VR Lodge is a great venue that we at AbsoluteDJs highly recommend!


Cheap Wedding DJ


“Dont hire a Wedding DJ, my mates mate is a DJ and will do it for cheap!”


All too often I hear the same lines when I talk to prospective Wedding clients:

“My friend has a friend that’s  DJ, he will do my Wedding for really cheap….”

Well, lets put things in perspective:

You just paid thousands for a beautiful venue, amazing Catering and a top Photographer. You checked them out online, read some reviews and they come highly recommended in their profession. But what about a Entertainment?

No problem, you have a friend who has a friend that will do it for free or really super cheap!

Great stuff, that’s a bargain! I mean, its only your Wedding!

In all of these scenarios, we are faced with the same problems:

1. Lack of broad musical knowledge

2. Lack of Professional Wedding Equipment

3. Lack of Wedding Experience

What you really need to ask yourself here is:

1. Am I prepared to risk my Wedding day to save a few dollars?

2. Will the DJ turn up?

3. If there is a technical problem will the DJ have back up equipment?

4. Does the DJ have another DJ to turn to should he be sick on the day?

5. Does this DJ even know anything about Weddings!

At the end of the day, the first dance on-wards will be the last thing your guests will remember, and a time where everyone can relax and have some fun.

What is your Wedding worth to you?

Wish the DJ would play what you actually want?

We make sure the music you want, is the music we play.


AbsoluteDJs offer a fantastic new playlists and Guest requests service to all our clients.
This new service allows our clients to customize their playlists with as much details as they would like, all from an online music database accessible from any Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone.

Clients are now able to select songs and group them as “Must Plays”, “Play If Possible” and “Do not Play” all from a huge database of songs and popular playlists.


We also send you a “Guest Requests” list which you can send to your guests to select songs before the event, or perhaps not send depending on your guest list.

Remember, this is all done “Pre-Wedding” and so we make sure the playlists are sorted and songs are purchased and available on the night.

Questions to ask when looking for a Wedding DJ

Ummm... but its my Wedding?


The Venue looks amazing and your guests are having such a good time, except the DJ has turned up in a pair of jeans and a cap, and the area where the music is coming from looks like a robot with wires and cables everywhere. Guests are now complaining that the music is too loud and not appropriate for background music…..

All too often we hear horror stories from clients who booked a sub standard Wedding DJ, hoping to save a few dollars, or even worse – paying an obscene amount of money for a Club DJ with no Wedding experience.

Here are my top 4 questions you NEED to ask before hiring a Wedding DJ:


1. How much experience do you have in Weddings?

An excellent question to start with, and probably the most important. There is a huge difference between a Club DJ and a Wedding DJ. A Club DJ usually has a defined crowd that expects to hear a particular type of music. A Wedding DJ however needs to be able to read the crowd and play accordingly as the night progresses. Clean edits are needed and multiple age groups need to have a chance to enjoy themselves throughout the evening.

Remember, apart from over $10,000 worth of equipment what you are really hiring is years of experience.

You wouldn’t hire an electrician to fix your car would you?

2. Can I please see your references and Testimonials?

A good Wedding DJ will let everyone know that he/she is a Quality Wedding DJ worth hiring. Facebook references from real people is an obvious place to start, making sure there are pictures attached to the feedback. Awards and articles from other Wedding industry businesses are also worth noting.

No references no hire. Simple.


3. Can I please see photos of your actual set-up?

Before you sign that contract (there is a contract, right?) ask for some pictures of past set-ups, and ask if the set-up at your Wedding will be similar. Sometimes what the DJ shows, is not actually what you get.

Pay attention to cable management and the overall symmetry of the set-up.

A Wedding DJ set-up at worst should look neat, tidy and clean. At best it should look amazing!!

4. I would like to have a direct say in what music is played, is that ok with you?

A question you probably wouldn’t think to ask, but more and more DJs will refuse to take requests and advice from the Bride and Groom.
Its an Ego thing and understandable if you are hiring a Club or high profile DJ with a reputation to protect.

An experienced Wedding DJ will be able to answer these questions instantly and usually with a sense of relief, as it means the client is looking for quality and taking no chances on their special day.

Best of luck!

Wedding Industry Awards 2014


As the Wedding season wound down, we were lucky enough to be nominated at the Wedding Industry Awards 2014 for “Best Wedding Entertainment”. Dressed to impress, myself and my colleague arrived at the prestigious black tie event with our fingers crossed. The votes were counted and we found ourselves winning the award ahead of some very professional entertainers including Addictive DJs.


A big thank you to all those that voted for Absolute DJs, and to all those that took part in a great night.

A very happy ending to a fantastic and successful Wedding season.


Flightclub ballroom

A unique venue in Whitianga

A unique venue in Whitianga


I get to see some amazing venues as you can imagine, and also some very unique venues. The Flightclub ballroom in Whitianga is definitely unique.

The venue is located inside the Aero Club hangar, hence the high ceilings and amount of room inside.  Able to seat up to 200 guests & also plenty of space for your favourite band or DJ. Situated within the towns boundary (lovely modern town by the way), with plenty of seaside activities and views.


The venue itself is a dream for DJs like myself to work in, as the walls are white and the decor has white Tule material to reflect wash lighting for dramatic effects.

Highly recommended for any Wedding couple wanting something a little different.




DJ Setup – do you care?

At least tape the cables down.

The cake looks amazing, the wedding backdrop has been set behind the head table, and everything looks spectacular. And then the DJ sets up by the dance floor – which just so happens to be by the head table.

Would you be happy to have this monstrosity set up on your special day?

Maybe a little extreme, but it happens almost too frequently, even at the most luxurious venues.

Most Weddings in New Zealand rarely have more than 150 guests, which means there is no reason to bring copious amounts of speakers, especially with today’s technology where the latest speakers are so powerful.

QSC, Yamaha, RCF and Electrovoice are some of todays best portable speakers and you should make a point to ask your DJ what equipment they intend to use as reliability and clarity should be paramount.

 The venue doesn’t look so lovely, any more.

[anything_slider title=”” column=”half” autoslide=”6000″ slider_id=”4516″/]

 At a minimum, the DJ should have cables well away, and taped down or out of sight. The table should have a nice skirt or table cloth on to keep things tidy. A DJ facade is recommended to hide all equipment and cabling, and it looks fantastic once the lights are dimmed. Speakers should be a top brand and look fantastic, after all it is  your Wedding.

At AbsoluteDJs we use only the best quality equipment that looks amazing, and we always come dressed to impress.

 Now that’s a nice setup

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The importance of Wash lighting

Lighting is something that few people take into consideration at a Wedding, and many fail to realise the implications good lighting can have on a function.

The sign of an inexperienced or cheap DJ, is cheap dj lighting that has 2 settings – Strobe and Fast.

At AbsoluteDJs we consider lighting to be one of many very important factors at a wedding, the most important being sound obviously. In this article I want to talk about Wash lighting and its importance at a Function.



Wash lighting is the art of taking a basic light and “washing” a surface with colour. The results can enhance and create amazing effects at a venue.


Different surfaces reflect better, with white being the best and black being the worse, like a plain white canvas if you will.

Wash light effects.

Wash light effects.

Uplighting is a fantastic way to really set your function apart and is considered to be the top of the line when it comes to lighting. Uplighting creates columns or “beams” of light against a back drop. The effect is amazing but not cheap because of the amount of hardware, cabling and control needed.

Wash lighting is highly recommended but requires specific hardware, and an experienced technician who knows where to strategically place the lights and how to work them. The difference between your Wedding looking like a classy “Wedding” or a “Disco” from Saturday night fever may come down to the type of lighting you use.




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